LMF has elaborated the project ‘Support for Student-Centered Higher Education’, in cooperation with Open Society Georgia Foundation. The project was successdully funded with $19.797 from Open Society Georgia Foundation’s side, while the contribution of LMF to the development of the project was $7.070. Within the framework of the project the foreign, advanced experience in the field of educational system was researched and analyzed.The goal of the project was to improve and increase students’ opportunities for participation in Georgian Universities, particularly in the sphere of administration and educational processes.


On October 29th, Levan Mikeladze Foundation arranged the discussion "South Caucasus and New Geopolitical Environment". The participants of the discussion were representatives of govermental sector, Diplomatic corps and heads of civil society organizations. The topics of the discussion were ongoing transport and energy projects in South Caucasus and their importance for the region. The discussion was led by Mamuka Tsereteli (Board member of LMF), the Hon. S. Enders Wimbush (Advisory Board member of LMF) and Giorgi Vashakmadze ( Director of W-Stream Caspian). The discussion was moderated by Irakli Menagharishvili (co-chair of LMF).


May 15, 2015 Levan Mikeladze Foundation for Caucasus Studies and The Brookings Institution hosted a conference titled “Georgia in the New Security Environment” in Washington, DC. The roundtable discussions were attended by noted Georgia and Caucasus experts, former US Ambassadors to Georgia, The Ambassador of Georgia to the US, International donor organization representatives, private sector leaders and guests from Georgia. Concluding remarks were delivered by Mr. Eric Rubin, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State.