Project Name:   Armenian-Georgian Round Table

Duration:  1 April-6 June 2013

Budget:  €5,300

Donor:  FES

Dialogue in the name of new perspectives of Georgian-Armenian Relations

Project Name:   Youth Initiatives

Duration:  1 March 2013 - 28 February 2014

Budget:  $36, 200

Donor:  NED

To encourage positive youth participation in civil society activities.

Project Name:   Organization Development

Duration:  September - October 2013

Budget:  $3,865

Donor:  OSGF

Support to the organization development of the LMF

Project Name:   Students' Scholarships

Duration:  December 2013 - December 2014

Budget:  $1,946

Donor:  Magtivini

Support youth in their educational fields by allocating scholarships.

Project Name:   Civil Monitoring

Duration:  1 April 2012 28 February 2013

Budget:  $39, 840

Donor:  OSGF

Providing effective regulations in the TV broadcasting sphere & protecting the rights of the members of the commission in the television broadcasting & cable networks.

Project Name:   Youth Initiatives

Duration:  1 march, 2012 - 28 February, 2013

Budget:  $33, 340

Donor:  NED

Support to encourage positive youth participation in civil society. The strengthening of the civil society organizations focusing on youth involvement.

Project Name:   Students’ Scholarships

Duration:  May 2011 - December 2012

Budget:  $1,196

Donor:  Mr. Frederik Paulsen (donation)

Support youth in their educational fields by allocating scholarships.

Project Name:   Georgia Knocking on EU’s Door

Duration:  1 September 2011- 30 September 2012

Budget:  €2,000

Donor:  Slovak Atlantic Commission

Raise the expertise of government officials involved in the implementation of the integration reforms & preparation of Georgia for its accession to the EU & NATO. Raise the expertise & knowledge of NGO sector of Georgia in reforms needed before accessing the EU & NATO. Promotion of economic dimension of foreign policy & development aid of the Slovak Republic for Georgia.

Project Name:   Media Civil Monitoring

Duration:  1 May 2011 28 February 2012

Budget:  $34,665

Donor:  OSGF

Providing effective functioning of the decisions of the “Georgian National Communications Commission” in accordance with the Georgian Law through monitoring process. Awareness rising of the civil society in the field of TV media.

Project Name:   Workshop in Eastern Partnership

Duration:  1 March - 30 September 2011

Budget:  $30,741

Donor:  FES

Assessment of:  a) Readiness of the states in the south Caucasus to benefit from the Easter Partnership. b) Adequacy of the EaP institutional mechanisms to respond to the political challenges in the south Caucasus. Specifically, the process of economic and democratic reforms in all three countries of the regio