Project Name:   Georgia in the New Security Environment

Duration:  April - May 2015

Budget:  $3850

Donor:  Mr. Frederik Paulsen (donation); LMF for Caucasus Studies, USA

The Conference’s main goal was to raise awareness of the Black Sea Region’s importance, to discuss US’s policy towards Georgia as well as its current and future challenges. The internal and external factors of the region were also emphasized, and the new ideas – concerning the opportunities and closer cooperation were underlined by the experienced and professional experts.

Project Name:   EU-Georgia Cooperation

Duration:  March - July 2015

Budget:  $34.950

Donor:  Levan Mikeladze Foundation for Caucasus Studies, USA

Monitoring of the implementation of the EU – Georgia Association Agreement

Project Name:   Students’ Scholarships and Premiums

Duration:  December 2014 June 2015

Budget:  $1,097

Donor:  Mr. Frederik Paulsen (donation)

The main goal of this project is to award students with grants and to support them financially as well as by the bonuses.

Project Name:   Formulating the Strategic Context of Black Sea Region’s Safety

Duration:  October 30, 2014

Budget:  $926.04

Donor:  Levan Mikeladze Foundation For Caucasus Studies, USA

This project was directed to discuss the current obstacles and challenges faced by the Black Sea Region, as a result of Russia’s aggressive actions in Crimea and East Ukraine.  The meeting stressed the significance of new geopolitical challenges and presented numerous views how the situation could be resolved.

Project Name:   Georgia’s European Path

Duration:  July 11, 2014

Budget:  $1,484.77

Donor:  Levan Mikeladze Foundation For Caucasus Studies, USA

The aim of this project was to support Georgia’s participation in European Union, taking into consideration its historical background and the potential. The conference also stressed the importance of EU membership for Georgia and discussed numerous advantages and benefits for the country.

Project Name:   Georgia’s European Future: the Role of the United States

Duration:  6 May, 2014

Budget:  $6,032.13

Donor:  Carnegie Endowment

The conference main goal was to stress the importance of Georgia’s membership in EU and to discuss the USA’s position about this issue.

Project Name:   Youth Initiatives

Duration:  1 April 2014 March 2015

Budget:  $37,370

Donor:  NED

To encourage positive youth participation in the society. To encourage transparency and accountability of officials before the citizens.

Project Name:   Georgia Knocking On EU’S Door

Duration:  1 July - 31 December 2013

Budget:  €1,000

Donor:  Slovak Atlantic Commission

Raise the expertise of government officials involved in the implementation of the integration reforms and preparation of Georgia for its accession to the EU and NATO. Raise the expertise and knowledge of nongovernmental sector of Georgia in reforms needed before accessing the EU and NATO. Promotion of economic dimension of foreign policy and development aid of the Slovak Republic directed towards Georgia.

Project Name:   Youth Initiatives For Minority

Duration:  1 June 2013 - March 2014

Budget:  $19,965

Donor:  OSGF

Assistance to the Representatives of the Ethnic Minority Youth living in Georgia (Tbilisi and Akhalkalaki) to involve them in civil life and ongoing processes; Supporting the capacity building development and advocacy skills. 

Project Name:   Minority Integration In Georgia: Main Challenges & Opportunities

Duration:  1 July-1 November 2013

Budget:  $6,400

Donor:  UNDP Georgia

Integration of ethnic minorities into the society and identification of challenges of the integration process. (Case of Javakheti)