The Levan Mikeladze Prize (hereafter “the Prize”) is established by the Levan Mikeladze Foundation (hereafter “the Foundation”) and is awarded to successful students of undergraduate programs in International Relations and Human Geography from the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences of Tbilisi State University, whose GPA is at least 3.0. As a rule, the Foundation awards annual prizes to one student from each referred majors. The prize amounts to GEL 1,000.


While awarding the Prize, the Foundation will pay attention to the skills of academic writing and public speaking. For this purpose, in the second semester of the academic year the Foundation announces a competition in writing and presenting an argumentative essay. Each student is free to submit more than one paper. Papers that meet the relevant academic requirements will be posted on the Foundation's website and thus can be counted as a publication. At the end of the semester, a commission consisting of the director of the Foundation and the heads of two mentioned programs will select best essays from each of these programs based on a set of pre-agreed criteria and will recommend their authors to proceed with their presentation.


In mid-June, the authors of the best essays will present their papers to the Board of the Foundation and invited experts. If the presentations are successful, the authors will be awarded the Prize and receive certificates.