Project Name:  Ethnic Minority Women Voters Form Constituency

Duration:  5 months (July 17 2017 – December 17 2017)

Budget:  $14,985

Donor:  East - West Management Institute (EWMI)

Project Goal: Support women voters in Akhaltsikhe, Akhalkalaki and Marneuli municipalities to form a female constituency in the run of to the regional elections in fall 2017 and empower them to become active citizens.

Project Name:  Train the Messenger

Duration:  12 months (1 May 2017 – 1 May 2018)

Budget:  €99.932

Donor:  Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Tbilisi

The goal of the project is to promote integration of minorities and develop capacities of religious leaders to fight discrimination and stigmatization via educating about Human Rights and international Human Rights Institutions.

Project Name:  Georgia's Visa Free Regime with EU - Information Campaign

Duration:  1 March,2017 - 30 November, 2017

Budget:  €101,492

Donor:  Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

The goal of the project is to support Georgia in EU approximation process. The project aims to supply comprehensive information in a simple and understandable language on conditions, rules and procedures of the visa free regime for Georgian citizens to travel to the EU Member States (except for the United Kingdom and Ireland) and Schengen associated States .The objective of the project will be achieved via information campaign in whole Georgia, thus contributing to reducing the refusal rates of entrance permission at the borders of the Schengen Zone due to the lack of information.